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Too little, Too late

Oakville, October 2, 2020

For the last seven months we have endured a global pandemic. We have trusted our political leadership to take the guidance from health experts and to protect the health and safety of the residents in our province. We have trusted them to use the expert advice to make decisions and plan for what is to come.


For seven months we have been told by experts that a second wave will come, and now it's here.


Let's be clear that governments don't have an easy task right now. These are unprecedented times. But that's what leadership is about. We need to have leaders we can trust to have the steadiest hand on the wheel, being as proactive as possible, so that we all feel safe and protected when it matters most. That's the kind of government I'm fighting to be a part of.


As the long-anticipated second wave hits Ontario, the Ford government looks unprepared. Surprised even. On July 14, 2020, well over 2 months ago, the Premier announced that they had a plan for a fall resurgence of Covid-19 and that it would be rolling out soon.


Yet it was just a week ago that Premier Ford announced additional funding to help long-term care facilities where there are critical staffing shortages. This funding should have been provided months ago. These homes have sounded the alarm that they don't feel they have been given the resources required to ensure this second wave is less deadly than the first. Our parents and grandparents deserve better, as this is truly a matter of life and death.


It was also just a week ago that Premier Ford announced additional testing at pharmacies to try to address the up to 7-hour line-ups people are currently experiencing (none of these pharmacies testing sites are in Halton).  Did you know Oakville has only one site for testing?


Then we turn to looking after our kids, and the Ford government's back to school plan gets a failing grade. Released at the last minute, it was a half-baked plan that ignored many of the recommendations from the very health and safety experts the government convened. These experts said our kids would be in danger if class sizes were not reduced.  My daughter is in a class of 25 children. My son is in a split class of 22.  I have heard from parents whose children are actually in bigger classes than last year, as schools attempt to cope with a government that has failed to provide the necessary leadership and resources.  


I have been connecting with Liberals across Oakville for several months. We talk about the things that matter most to us, the health and safety of our families and loved ones, our kids and back to school, jobs and the economy.


Has there ever been a time where we have needed strong and thoughtful leadership from our government more than right now?


Instead of leadership, the Ford team serves up contradictory, confusing and convoluted messaging and direction to the people of this province. 


In the midst of the second wave of this pandemic, the stakes have never been higher. We can and we must do better.  


Please join me in fighting for what matters most.  Please support my campaign to be nominated as the next Provincial Liberal Candidate for Oakville.


Go to and join the Ontario Liberal Party and I ask for your support so I can carry your voices to Queen's Park.


Alison Gohel

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