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Saying About Alison

Tom Adams

"Alison is an accomplished business professional with impressive academic credentials. She's an experienced consensus builder who acts with integrity, persistence and commitment. As a fellow parent, she is concerned about issues that matter to our future and that of our children including education, health care, the environment and the new economy. Without reservation I am happy to support Alison to be the next Liberal candidate for Oakville!"

-Tom Adams
Oakville Regional and Town Councillor
John Oliver

"Ontario will slowly see the lessening of the impact of COVID-19 over the next few years. To fully recover our economy, education, and health systems will require provincial leadership that has experience with growing businesses and an understanding of families and the burden families have felt. In my opinion Alison Gohel is the best Liberal candidate in Oakville to bring these skills to Queen’s Park. She has an extensive legal background, has worked with businesses over the past years and as a parent understands the challenges facing our schools and health systems. Alison will bring integrity and dedication to the position of MPP for Oakville. She lives and breathes the values and core commitments we all hold close to our hearts as we envision a fairer and socially just society for Ontario."

-John Oliver
Former Member of Parliament, Oakville
Ralph Goodale

"Alison was about 8 years old when she first volunteered in an election campaign - she went door-knocking for me with her Mom and Dad when I first ran as a candidate in Regina-Wascana. She and her family helped me hold that riding for 26 years through eight consecutive elections. Now as a Mom herself and a successful business-person, with local, national and international experience, she wants to put her skills and values to work in the Ontario Legislature. Alison understands that in asking for your vote, she is asking for the most precious thing you have to give in our democracy. You can count on her to repay your trust with hard work, dedication and integrity." 

-Hon. Ralph Goodale

Hon. John McCallum

“I am pleased to join my good friend and former colleague, Ralph Goodale, in offering my support for Alison Gohel as the Liberal provincial candidate for Oakville.  I was impressed with her very early and enthusiastic commitment to the Liberal Party, and in Ralph Goodale, she certainly had one of the best mentors in the business.  I'm also impressed with Alison's academic and business qualifications and with the fact that she went to France in order to become fluent in both of Canada's official languages.  I think Alison has the right combination of enthusiasm, ability and integrity to serve the people of Oakville well at Queen's Park.”

- Hon. John McCallum

Indira Naidoo-Harris

"I am so pleased to endorse Alison Gohel. She is smart, thoughtful and hard-working, and she will be a great voice for the Oakville community. Alison cares about the things we value most; a strong and responsive health care system, an education system that provides the best foundation for our children, and policies and tools to help our business community thrive. These are the pillars that make for strong communities and support families.  As a former MPP I know Alison has the character, wisdom and integrity to be an excellent voice for local families."

- Indira Naidoo-Harris
Former member of Provincial Parliament for Halton and former Minister
David Wieler

"We are fortunate to have Alison Gohel as a candidate for nomination. She is compassionate, shows empathy and has a genuine interest in doing the right things for people. Those traits, combined with determination and drive, will make for an excellent candidate and MPP. I'm proud to add my name to those endorsing Alison Gohel."  

- David Wieler
Oakville entrepreneur and past board member Oakville Federal Liberal Association
Alexandra Carson

"Alison is an accomplished professional, an active community contributor, and maybe most important, a mom. Having worked at Queen's Park, I've come to know many political leaders. The best ones are authentic, hardworking, passionate and truly understand the pulse of the streets of their community.  Alison will be just that, and we would be very fortunate to have her in public life, representing our community. "  

- Chris Carson and Alexandra Carson
Oakville Liberals and former Queen's Park staff members
Hilary Buchan-Terrell

“I'm with Alison for Oakville. Alison truly cares about making life better for all Oakvillians, not just the wealthiest. Her powerful belief in public service is what draws me to a candidate like her - she's in it for the right reasons: to strengthen Ontario's health and education systems where we've seen the cracks exposed when we don't invest both under this Conservative government and during the covid-19 pandemic. Alison will ask the right questions, the ones about our values and what truly matters to us. She understands that government is there to make the tough decisions. A truly compassionate and smart government knows how to balance these choices, which means prioritizing investments in our long-term care homes and PSW over re-doing Ontario's license plate design and playing petty politics over a price on carbon. That's why I am proud to support a woman to run for the Ontario Liberal Party in 2022 in Oakville!”

- Hillary Buchan-Terrell 
Former Oakville Young Liberal President and PLA board member, former VP Young Women Ontario Women's Liberal Commission
Steven Offer

“I am delighted and honoured to support Alison to be the Provincial Liberal Candidate for Oakville. Her commitment, dedication and effort in addressing our ever-changing issues, listening to all and standing up for what is right is exactly what is needed to better the lives of the people of Oakville. She is an outstanding candidate and a will stand as a Member of Parliament that will bring us great pride. I have no hesitation or reservation in strongly supporting the candidacy of Alison. 

- Steven Offer
Oakville resident, past member of Provincial Parliament and former Ontario Solicitor General 
Greg Glista

“Alison is the fresh new face that Oakville needs to represent us at Queen’s Park. Alison combines the talents of being a lawyer and a business professional while being a mother and engaged community member. She knows first hand the issues that will determine our children’s futures, education – healthcare – and the environment. I’m proud to support Alison and feel she’s our best choice ….. I hope all progressive minded Liberals in Oakville will join us toward victory in 2022."

- Greg Glista
Past President, Oakville Provincial Liberal Association 
Nancy Buchan-Terrell

"As a lifelong, active Liberal and an Oakville resident for over thirty years, I have had the privilege to work for the Liberal Party and candidates in four provinces. ALISON IS A DREAM CANDIDATE! She is smart, compassionate, and represents the true Liberal values that we hold so dearly. Already accomplished in her career and life she is running for all the right reasons. Alison will be the leader Oakville needs as we go forward in recovery after the pandemic. I whole heartily support Alison in this nomination bid."

- Nancy Buchan-Terrell 
Oakville resident 
Dr. Ron Worton

"Others have noted Alison’s superb credentials in education, international legal and business experience, and long-standing commitment to liberal values – all good reasons to select her as the Liberal candidate for Oakville.  As a retired scientist and scientific leader, I have been acutely aware of the need for elected officials to be committed to decision-making based on solid evidence rather than political ideology.  My interaction with Alison tells me that she gets this, and will stand up for thoughtful, informed policy development, supported by the best available evidence.  This is something that Ontario needs very much right now and in the coming years, and Alison is well positioned to take a lead role."

- Dr. Ronald Worton 
Laureate, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame 
Mika Nummelin

“I am proud to support Alison Gohel for the Provincial Liberal Nomination in Oakville. She has shown a willingness to sincerely listen to Youth and a commitment to the issues that matter. We need someone like Alison who has integrity and a fresh approach to politics in Queens Park.”

- Mika Nummelin

Frank Svatousek

"I have had the opportunity to work with Alison Gohel and she has impressed me with her work ethic, commitment to both her community and the issues that matter most to me, namely education, health and the new economy. As a new parent I want a strong voice to speak for me and Alison Gohel is that voice."

- Frank Svatousek
Oakville resident of 50 years and technology entrepreneur 
Gillian Miller

"Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of working with Alison; a strong woman and role model. In this short time, she has demonstrated her zeal for a progressive society where no one is left behind. As youth, we often feel our voices are not heard. Alison’s approachability and genuine concern for youth issues will ensure that every single young voice will be listened to. Alison is the advocate we as youth need at Queens Park."

- Gillian Miller
Youth Council Coordinator for the Town of Oakville and Oakville Young Liberal.
Current student at Queens University. 
Borna Najafi

"Alison is a strong leader with a clear proactive voice for youth. She is exactly who we need to represent this special town we have all chosen to make our home.”

- Borna Najafi
Youth Council Coordinator for the Town of Oakville and Oakville Young Liberal.
Current student at Queens University. 

“It isn’t every day that one meets someone like Alison. Principled, young and accomplished; born in Saskatchewan; educated in law in France; fluently bilingual; working in tax at a Bay St. accounting firm while being a spouse and mother of two. That from a very young age an expert in tax law has been driven to serve the public is our good fortune. She knows how governments are funded and who they should be funded for. Alison will make Ontario a better place for all of us to grow. I am both happy and proud to stand with Alison and endorse her candidacy.”

- Tim I.G. Hyde
Lawyer and Title Insurance executive; Member of the Board of Directors of OFLA and former member of the Boards of the CMGRA; the Oakville Soccer Club and the Oakville Galleries at Gairloch Gardens
Terry Quinn

“As a long time Oakville volunteer, having lived here for 28 years, I have rarely endorsed anyone publicly. Alison truly has the spirit and talent required to be a very good provincial representative for Oakville. Her strong desire to serve is a wonderful compliment to the talents she brings to the community. I feel that Oakville will be enriched with her presence at Queen’s park.  ”

- Terry Quinn
Business consultant and entrepreneur
John Mulholland

"Alison is smart, hard-working, and understands the concerns Oakvillians have about their town, and their province.

She is determined to address those concerns with forward-looking ideas and action.

I believe she will do an excellent job in representing all of us at Queen’s Park."

- John Mulholland
Oakville resident;  Member of the OFLA
Anil Bhole

"I am proud to call Alison a friend. Her unquestionable character and integrity, her passion to solve problems, and her ability and willingness to listen are all traits that every voter will benefit from. Alison is a natural leader who will deliver fresh ideas with enthusiasm, persistence and compassion for her constituents. Her professional international experience in law and finance give her a unique perspective that will help all people, especially the middle class, succeed in these uncertain times. A vote for Alison is a vote for Ontario, for Canada, for our families, and for our future." 

-Anil Bhole 
Founder and Managing Partner | Bhole IP Law 

“My husband and I have lived in Oakville for over 25 years. It is our privilege to support Alison in her bid for the Liberal Party candidacy in Oakville. We are especially inspired by her commitment to using her leadership strengths to create a more open, inclusive and prosperous Ontario. A province that is diverse on many levels… race, culture, education, language, financial opportunity and so much more.”

-Cheryl Hudson
Principal, Dove Philanthropy Advisors
Board Member, Canadian Film Centre
David Herle

“Alison Gohel has everything you want in somebody entering public life. She evidently likes people and ideas. She’s in it to change things. Alison would be a tremendous candidate and a strong member for Oakville.”

-David Herle
Principal Partner, The Gandalf Group
Frequent political commentator, CBC
Elyse Shumway

“Alison is an insightful, knowledgeable, and committed Liberal.  We have worked together over many years supporting Liberal candidates and Members of Parliament in Oakville.  She will bring her extensive experience and strong values to her new role, working to ensure that the people of Oakville and Ontario have the representation and support they need to prosper and succeed.”

- Elyse Shumway
Owner, CommuniKey, Oakville
Peter Callahan

“We need a strong, female candidate for Oakville.  Alison Gohel is that candidate.  Not just capable and qualified, but in it for the right reasons – to help the people of our Town, and all Ontarians.  And she is willing to do the hard work to get the job done.  Alison will earn each and every vote, and deserves your support!”

-Peter Callahan
Partner, RZCD Law Firm LLP
Nadia Williamson

"Alison has always been a natural leader. Her international and local experience will contribute greatly to the community of Oakville. Her intelligence, strength of character and care for others make her the leader she is. Oakville is lucky to have her and I’m proud to call her my friend."

-Nadia Williamson 
Canadian entrepreneur, NWLA Santa Monica 
Past President, Regina Chamber of Commerce 
Allan Lanthier

“Alison Gohel has been a passionate Liberal her entire life. While we don’t always see eye to eye, I admire her determination, enthusiasm and deep commitment to social issues.”

-Allan Lanthier
Retired partner of Ernst &Young
Frequent contributor to the Globe and Mail and Financial Post on government policy issues.
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