Alison Gohel

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"The Town of Oakville is a vibrant community I am proud to call home."
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When We Work Together

The Town of Oakville is a vibrant community that I am proud to call home. Our town is beautiful and inviting, open and welcoming, a place with history.  One can't but help have a strong sense of local pride and respect for our town, where family living is embraced, where young children can grow up feeling safe and inspired, where people can have opportunity and thrive,  and where people can develop a strong sense of community. 


Many people are feeling uncertain as we navigate our current environment. I understand the issues and concerns felt by the people of Oakville - I feel them too. Over the next months and years, as we navigate our way forward after Covid-19, hard choices will have to be made as to what is really important and what really matters to our community and to our province. 


As a mother of two children I want to make sure that they and all children in this province get the best education possible. The online experiment we endured during Covid-19 has not worked - we need new and creative solutions to guarantee our children get educated properly.


This pandemic underlined the importance of our health care system. Our front-line workers have been amazing! They will continue to need our support and we must provide them with the necessary tools.  We must always put the health and safety of our families, friends and neighbours first. 


Many people have struggled through the last few months, and our local businesses have faced unprecedented challenges.  Both individuals and business will continue to need support as we go forward and until our economy recovers. 


There are many tough choices ahead and we must protect the things we value most. I want to represent our community to ensure that our education system is the best it can be, that our healthcare system remains strong, and that our residents and business community get the tools they need to thrive.




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